Mingo Junction, Ohio…the hottest town on the Internet!

Mingo Junction is a small steel mill town located in eastern Ohio along the Ohio River.The population of the village is 3,631. There have been many interesting stories about Mingo from surveying visits by George Washington, to the number one song, Play That Funky Music, by Mingo's own Wild Cherry. I hope to capture some of those stories with this web site.

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I first created the Mingo Jct web site back in 1995, when the World Wide Web was relatively young. Tim Berners-Lee created WWW in 1989. ARPANET was created in the 60s, but it was not to look like the Internet until 1983 when they switched to TCP/IP addressing. So, no, Al Gore did not invent the Internet. ;)
This site is a collection of pictures, lists, history of Mingo Junction. It is a digital archive. Mingo Junction is the epitomy of small town America.

George Washington visits Mingo Junction, Ohio